Orthodontic Braces

Get results with our fast and effective orthodontic solutions

With a great smile comes great confidence. In addition to our general dentistry and teeth whitening services, Tooth Crusader also offers orthodontic services. If you have crooked teeth and would like to have them straightened, we can fix them. Dr Kelly Tse offers you the option of two methods to straighten or fix your crooked teeth. Book a consultation and start the process today.

Choose your method of teeth straightening, that is right for you.

We use a number of methods and systems to straighten teeth

  • Smileffect – Our in house 3D printed clear aligner system. A no-braces approach to teeth straightening.
  • Clear Correct – An almost invisible aligner system from the USA
  • Traditional Braces – The traditional orthodontic braces (metal braces and brackets)

Dr Kelly Tse will go through each system and will give you a reason to smile with confidence. Book a free 30 minute consultation, and take the first step to living your life with more self-confidence and less self-awareness.

Dr Kelly Tse

Dr Tse is a well-known and respected Sydney dentist with excellent dental qualifications and a unique ability to put her patients at ease while achieving outstanding results. As a small family owned and operated dental practice, we focus on treating all our patients with respect, and our returning patients and referrals are a living testimony to this.

Excellent results in months

Tooth Crusader will not only enhance your smile, but boost your self-esteem at the same time. The best news is that you won’t have to wait years for results; we have achieved outstanding outcomes for many patients in just a few months.

Adults & Clear Aligners

By far the most elegant and popular is a clear aligner. We have both our known in house 3D printing systems for clear aligners, and also use Clear Correct orthodontics from the USA, which are both quick solution for patients who are eligible. Clear aligner treatments are barely noticeable on your teeth. Before you know it you will smile with confidence, which can also boost your self-confidence and in turn your lifestyle.

Dental braces for children

While no one likes wearing dental braces, it’s always best to fix crooked teeth at a younger age. Although it’s important to wait for kids to get all their adult teeth before starting treatment, there are several preventative measures you can take. These will minimise any damage, and make correcting the problem later on less expensive, and less troublesome for the child.

Dental solutions for teens

No teenager likes to have teeth braces, especially at an age when there is already enough change going on in their bodies. But unlike many years ago, we now have a variety of braces for them to choose from. They can choose funky colours for their metal braces and make a fashion statement, or they can opt for see-though braces, which are barely noticeable. The sooner they get their braces; the sooner they can remove them.

We also offer an array of dental services for young toddlers to seniors. We service a variety of suburbs near to our clinic, including Wolli Creek, Arncliffe, Rockdale, Tempe, Marrickville, Sydenham, Dulwich Hill and Newtown.


In many cases you will not even need braces. Suitable candidates can make use of the Myobrace system, which uses myofunctional orthodontic methods, a no-brace approach to straightening your teeth. We have achieved outstanding Myobrace results with multiple patients.

Don’t forget, our No Gap general dental cover for cleans, check-ups and x-rays, contact us to book an appointment.