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Tooth Crusader’s commitment to maintaining your privacy

Tooth Crusader is bound by the National Privacy Principles under the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) when Tooth Crusader deals with personal information. We value our users, patients and visitors, so we recognize their right to keep personal information private. This statement discloses our information collection, handling and disclosure practices for all our sites.

Collecting information on Tooth Crusader Registered Users
If you register with Tooth Crusader, we collect personal information about you in order to facilitate the best care we can.

Member registration
Registration allows you to take advantage of the products and services we provide. When you register, the information we collect includes your contact details. You can join without giving your street address or phone number, it is entirely up to the individual. You may access, amend and delete this information at any time.

Email communications from Tooth Crusader
Tooth Crusader may, via email, provide you with selected information about new features and added benefits. We will allow you to opt out from receiving any further information from us when we send this type of information to you. We do not disclose information about you to third parties for the purpose of allowing them to provide marketing material to you.

Storage & Security of Personal Information
Tooth Crusader takes reasonable steps to protect your personal information from unauthorised access, use or loss. These steps include the use of encryption systems, passwords and firewalls. Tooth Crusader allows you to access your information at any time to keep it accurate and up to date. Any information, which we hold for you, is stored on secure servers that are protected in controlled facilities. In addition, Tooth Crusader employees and the contractors are obliged to respect the confidentiality of any personal information held by Tooth Crusader. Despite the steps we take to protect information, Tooth Crusader will not be held responsible for any loss or events arising from unauthorised access of your personal information.

Access to Your Information
Unless you become a registered member Tooth Crusader does not collect information that identifies you personally. If however, you become a Tooth Crusader registered user, you are able to change and update your registered profile at any time. Should you require assistance with updating your account or removing your details from the site, this can be requested through the support forum. You can cancel your account at any time and all your details will automatically be removed from the site and the site’s database.

If you have any comments or suggestions about any aspect of our site please feel free to provide it. Tooth Crusader will use your feedback to improve its service.

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